Spotlight: Rosie and Friends: One-of-a-Kindness by Helen Hipp

Approaching life with excitement and energy, Helen works hard to help people achieve exuberance! Born in Yonkers, N.Y., in 1959, Helen is the middle child of five. Her father, whose work demanded strong problem-solving skills and mother whose interest in art, provided Helen with endless opportunities to look at things from different perspectives . . . 

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Storybook Sunday: Rosie and Friends, One-of-a-Kindness by Helen Hipp

I, for one, liked Rosie and her friends immensely, though Hornsby took some getting used.  Hey, I would be bent out of shape too if what happened to him, happened to me, but the moral of this story isn't about what was and can never be, but rather one of hope and second chances.  Hornsby was THE man, er, um, RHINO, ready to take on the world one foul up at a time.  A twist of faith later and what do you know, his top "man" status is gone and he's left in the dust without a friend in the world . . .
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Book review: Rosie and Friends One-Of-A-Kindness

by Tara Robertson on October 1, 2017 of Burlington VT Moms Blog

Sometime in the last year, I noticed a change in how kids were interacting with each other. Whether it was due to the exposure of riding the bus with middle schoolers, or just the natural way of life for kids after age 5, cliques started to become a predominant thing. No, I’m not talking about those friends our littles make at preschool (there is always a natural tendency to form groups based on friendships). Instead, I’m talking about the times you hear that your kid suddenly stopped being friends with someone because they got in a fight with another friend. Or when someone isn’t invited to a birthday party because they weren’t part of the group of kids . . .

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Rosie and Friends: One-of-a-Kindness by Helen Hipp: Book Review

 on SEPTEMBER 28, 2017

I was so pleased when Helen reached out and offered Rosie’s story for a review. I may be an adult (ish), but I work and live with some awesome kids! This was a fantastic book for them! I read all about Rosie the Hippo and her adventure to not only my kids at home, but my 25 second grade students as well. They loved the pictures and the story line. It kept them intrigued and entertained while passing on a quite important message . . .
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A Different Kind of Safari

5.0 out of 5 stars
A story about a pink hippo. I didn't know they existed.

A story about a pink hippo. I didn't know they existed. Are pink hippos really different - only if you think they are. This is a heartwarming book that illustrates how self-awareness and courage are needed to recognize your own uniqueness and special capabilities . . .

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